Lowest Price Guarantee Seal

Trying to find the best price is the most time-consuming part of any promotional product purchase. We monitor pricing on our competitors websites and keep our near wholesale prices the cheapest on the web. As a result you, our valued customers maximixe you event budget and save time by not having to check every site on the web before making a decision. By working with Lowest Price Promotions you can save time and on average 20% on your purchases of promotional products. When you are looking for the lowest price in promotional products look no further than Lowest Price Promotions.

Great Service, selection and the gauranteed


Every product is discounted to the bare bones. We guarantee it. If you find the same item—a similar printed promotional product—that’s priced lower than Lowest Price Promotions, Let us know and we’ll beat it. In addition, if you find the lower priced item 30 days from the day you ordered, we will give you back the difference in the price. All you have to do is to give us a copy of the ad or website showing the lower price for the same item. The lower price found must be for the same product, order quantity and delivery time. This guarantee covers only the item’s base price, taxes and additional setup and decoration costs. We give you the Lowest Price Promotions you can find anywhere.